21.08.2015. Vopak EBITDA increased by 11 percent to €408 million in the first half of 2015, primarily due to higher occupancy rates and positive currency translation effects.

EBIT increased by 12 percent to €282 million, while net profit attributable to shareholders increased by 17 percent to €162 million.

The group divested seven terminals and two plots of land in the period and consequently its worldwide storage capacity on a 100 percent basis decreased by 1.1 million cbm to 32.7 million cbm compared to year-end 2014.

Vopak reconfirmed its outlook for 2015 to realise an EBITDA – excluding exceptional items – exceeding the full year 2014 result (€763 million), although the second half of this year will not be higher than the EBITDA of the first six months due to the impact of the divestments and “the more challenging business circumstances in Asia”.

On 13 July, Vopak announced it received a non-binding offer on all of its UK assets. Based on this interest, exploratory meetings are taking place, but as the outcome of these meetings is unknown, the group has not released further details.

Meanwhile, on 15 July, Vopak sold its Finnish entity Vopak Chemicals Logistics Finland Oy. The divested entity comprises two terminals: Vopak Terminal Mussalo and Vopak Terminal Hamina with a combined capacity of 175,400 cbm. The net cash proceeds were approximately €43 million and the exceptional gain on divestment was approximately €18 million.

21st August 2015