Royal Vopak and its partner Reatile have reached a decision to expand their activities in South Africa.

In line with previous expansions the two will undertake further investment aimed at enhancing Vopak’s infrastructure to help meet South Africa’s increasing demand for petroleum products. The partners say it will improve the security of fuel supply by facilitating the import of cleaner fuels into South Africa.

The expansion comprises two projects: a 100,000 cbm inland terminal in Gauteng province, near Johannesburg, connected to Vopak Terminal Durban via the Transnet Multi Product Pipeline; and an expansion of Vopak Terminal Durban with 130,000 cbm.

The inland terminal will be built in Lesedi, Gauteng. It will consist of six tanks of in total 100,000 cbm, eight truck loading bays with a vapour recovery system and a pipeline connection to the state-owned New Multi Product Pipeline (NMPP) for refined petroleum products (petrol and diesel). The NMPP runs from Port of Durban to Gauteng where currently around 70 percent of South Africa’s fuel demand is concentrated.


20th February 2017