Mesa’s Foam Delivery System (FDS) is designed to provide fast delivery of fire extinguishing foam through pipelines in the center of the tank and directly out to the tank rim areas. The standard Mesa FDS system is designed using RESIST-ALL-CLAD© Flexible Pipe. RAC is designed for continuous service in a wide range of pH solutions and chemicals. It is compatible with 100% aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethanol, gasoline, diesel and jet fuels.

RAC features a fully controlled, repetitive lay pattern (multiple coil). The complete system requires a High Back Pressure Foam Generator (supplied by customer), foam conduit, distribution manifold, flex piping, radial piping and seal configuration (below primary seal or above primary seal). The system delivers foam directly to the seal area (not from overhead) in four main entry points so that foam coverage around the perimeter is optimized.

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14th January 2020