In this video, we will be demonstrating an installation of a Belzona Composite Patch to reinstate a storage tank wall integrity and protect against corrosion, using Belzona SuperWrap II and Belzona 5111. Belzona’s composite repair solutions offer alternatives to welding, eliminating the need for hot work.

This system allows for quick and easy repairs of equipment within various industries, including Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Marine.

Step-by-step application guidelines:

1. Prepare the repair area by roughening the surface of the tank wall using a mechanical tool. Ensure that the area will be large enough for the composite patch to cover.

2. Degrease the area using Belzona 9111 or other suitable degreaser to remove any surface contaminants. Define the repair area with masking tape.

3. Measure out the base and solidifier of Belzona SuperWrap II. The choice of resin depends on environmental conditions during implementation of the repair and operating temperatures.

4. Mix the two components together thoroughly.

5. Using the resin, wet out the premeasured reinforcement sheets on both sides.

6. Apply them to the former from smallest to largest, with the glass fiber side facing up. For this application, we’re using a heated polypropylene former to mold to the tank wall. This type of material also removes the requirement for a release agent. Other former alternatives may be used.

7. Wet out the repair area using the same resin to achieve optimum mechanical adhesion between the patch and the tank wall.

8. Apply the Belzona composite patch with the former onto the substrate using hand-pressure. You should see excess resin released from the sides of the patch.

9. Use available devices to compress the repair. Magnets with metallic formers can also be used to apply pressure onto the repaired area.

10. Once cured, remove the former from the composite patch and smooth out the edges of the patch in preparation for overcoating.

11. Abrade the surface of the patch repair to provide an optimum profile for the overcoat.

12. If additional protection is required, apply a coating over the patch repair. For this application we have used Belzona 5111, to provide a seamless finish, whilst also protecting the repair against UV degradation.

A Belzona SuperWrap II composite patch like this can be designed and applied in accordance with ISO 24817.

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8th May 2019