Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd has announced the creation of Tidewater Renewables Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Tidewater Renewables has been formed to become a multi-faceted, energy transition company focusing on the production of low carbon fuels.

The creation of and the initial public offering of Tidewater Renewables is a result of a thorough evaluation of financing alternatives with the goal of funding Tidewater Renewables’ portfolio of clean fuel projects while allowing Tidewater Midstream to continue to deleverage through 2021.

A preliminary prospectus qualifying the initial public offering of Tidewater Renewables common shares to the public has been filed.

Tidewater Renewables intends to pursue a growth strategy focused on building out ‎its three proposed operating business units: (i) renewable diesel, (ii) renewable hydrogen, and (iii) renewable natural gas through the ownership, development, and operation of clean fuels projects and related infrastructure, utilising proven technologies.

For more information visit www.tidewatermidstream.com

23rd July 2021