The two destinations for these large installations manufactured in Tarragona are Belgium and Huelva.

The manufacturers, Schwartz-Hautmont, will use the Port of Tarragona’s Lleida Wharf to ship two large project cargos, one to Belgium and the other to Huelva.

The first is a modularly constructed petrochemical plant that will be transported by sea to Belgium on completion. It consists of seven 1,600-ton modules and is 100 metres tall. The final assembly of all the components manufactured by the different workshops and project partners will be carried out in the Port of Tarragona. A total of 18 companies and more than 200 workers have participated.

The second project is a refinery with vacuum and fractionation towers for the energy sector. This plant is made up of five large elements with a total weight of 1,500 tons. Its construction and assembly have taken 150,000 hours. The final destination is a refinery in Spain.

These projects are led by Schwartz-Hautmont with the participation of Comersa, Teyco, Aitub, Elevarent, Gruas Rigar, Comersa, Proalba and OCA. Schwartz-Hautmont is in charge of the assembly and management in the Tarragona port area, taking advantage of its extensive experience in the manufacture of metal structures that require a high degree of specialisation.

The Port of Tarragona offers various advantages for this type of traffic: open-air esplanades that facilitate direct loading from the dock, extensive operational areas, and a specialist workforce, thanks to Tarragona’s important auxiliary industry, together with the area’s potent petrochemical cluster, a benchmark for southern Europe.

It also offers 280,000 m2 of spacious operational areas, ro-ro ramps and excellent road and rail accessibility to guarantee the supply logistics for these projects.

The 16-metre-deep draught does the rest, since it allows the docking of special vessels prepared to transport these large loads that are impossible to move with containerised cargo vessels.

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24th May 2021