The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOG) has negotiated a wage deal on behalf of energy companies which will see each worker’s annual wage increase by 20,100 Norwegian crowns ($2,409).

The wage agreement has been reached with Norwegian oil companies and is reported to have averted a potential strike among workers later this year.

Three labour unions – Lederne, Safe and Industri Energi – have all signed the agreement.

Norway produces around 2.1 million barrels of oil liquids per day (bpd) while gas production amounts to around two million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed).

A 10-day labour conflict last year, which involved members of the Lederne union, saw Norway’s daily output drop by around eight percent.

The union’s 1,000 members had retained the right to go on strike again this year if no deal was reached. The talks covered 7,000 workers in total, mostly rig operators, drillers and service staff at 14 companies.

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10th May 2021