Like all industries, breakbulk has been impacted by COVID-19 and Brexit. It has also had to adapt to megatrends such as globalisation, changing demographics, disruptive technologies, sustainability drives and geopolitical developments. It’s safe to say that the breakbulk industry is going through an interesting time and it’s crucial that all those involved are equipped to take note and respond, in order to be set up for success.

It has always been important for teams to work well together within breakbulk and this is not going to change anytime soon. As the industry faces new opportunities and challenges, it will be the people-focussed organisations that can tackle problems and achieve goals as a single unit that will stand the best chance of success.

According to some of the show’s ‘40 under 40’, now is the time for unity. Now more than ever, it’s essential that the breakbulk industry fosters new ways of thinking and fresh perspectives. The industry looks very different to how it did even just ten years ago. The best in the business will appreciate this and not remain tied to the old ways of doing things.

Anna Barska, MD at Pol-Agent Co Ltd: “Together we are strong.”

Adam Tindall-Schlicht, director at Port Milwaukee: “Empathy is being concerned about the human being, not just their output.”

Valentin Carlan, post-doctoral researcher at University of Antwerp: “Spell out any idea you have, it might lead to solving a problem that many have.”

And you can’t forget about hard work. You can have all the best ideas but if you don’t put in the graft to realise them then what’s the point.

It is the next generation of breakbulk professionals that will drive the industry forward to bigger and better things. We can’t rely on old ways of thinking. The industry is at its best when teams work hard together to change things for the better.

AntwerpXL’s 40 under 40 will be celebrated at the event running from December 7-9 and they’re invited, as guests of honour, to a special Next Gen debate taking place during the show.

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19th November 2021