Two standards that are integral to the operation, selection and installation of pressure-relieving devices (PRDs), which are used throughout the natural gas and oil industry, have been updated by The American Petroleum Institute (API).

API said: “In many ways, PRDs are the most important pieces of equipment across a range of facilities, including petrochemical refineries, LNG terminals, and other production sites. These devices are designed to protect facilities from overpressure events and are key to managing production at any sized refinery, or related facility.”

It added: “The contribution of these devices to safety, environmental protection, and operational integrity cannot be understated.”

The recently updated standard has been divided into two parts: API 520 Part I, 10th Edition, Sizing, Selection, and Installation of Pressure-Relieving Devices in Refineries – Sizing and Selection; and API 520 Part II, 7th Edition, Sizing, Selection, and Installation of Pressure-Relieving Devices – Installation. The updates include requirements that have been significantly enhanced by incorporating new data and technology to effectively install and operate PRDs.

API 520, Part I covers the sizing and selection of a PRD, while Part II covers the device’s installation.

Overall, API said the new editions move the natural gas and oil industry forward with its goal to protect its workers, the communities that host the industry, the environment and the public at large.

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12th November 2020