TGE Gas Engineering, a leading provider of engineering solutions for the liquefied natural gas industry, is delighted to announce the mechanical completion of their Huizhou LNG receiving terminal EPC project. This significant milestone was achieved an impressive 20 days ahead of schedule, showcasing TGE’s commitment to excellence and efficient project management.

The Huizhou LNG receiving terminal EPC project comprises three state-of-the-art 200,000 m³ LNG storage tanks, along with associated facilities. The terminal has been designed to accommodate the loading and unloading of LNG ships ranging in size from 80,000 to 266,000 m³. With a maximum annual capacity of 6.1 million tonnes for receiving liquefied natural gas, this terminal will play a pivotal role in meeting the energy demands of the region. TGE is gearing up to bring the terminal into operation by mid-2024, further strengthening their presence in the LNG infrastructure sector.

TGE would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to the entire project team for their exceptional effort and unwavering dedication. It is their hard work and commitment that have been instrumental in the successful completion of this milestone. TGE recognises and values the immense contributions made by every individual involved in the project.

Furthermore, TGE extends their deepest appreciation to their esteemed customer, Guangdong Huizhou LNG Co., Ltd., for placing their trust and confidence in TGE’s expertise and capabilities. This fruitful collaboration has been vital in achieving the mechanical completion of the Huizhou LNG receiving terminal EPC project.

As TGE continues to make strides in the field of LNG infrastructure, stay tuned for more updates on their ongoing projects and commitment to delivering excellence.

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8th February 2024