Texas LNG has written a letter requesting that FERC issue an order approving its Brownsville LNG project as soon as practical so that it may move the development of the Project forward.

Texas LNG has submitted a request to FERC Commissioners for issuance of FERC Order for its Brownsville LNG export project. The company has requested authorisation to site, construct, and operate an LNG terminal to liquefy and export natural gas at a proposed site on the Brownsville Ship Channel in Cameron County, Texas. 

“Texas LNG respectfully requests that the Commission promptly issue and order under Section 3 approving the project,” the company said in a letter to FERC.

Texas LNG has responded promptly to all information requests from FERC staff and there are no outstanding information requests pending in this docket, it says. Commission staff has thoroughly reviewed the Project in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and issued the final environmental impact statement for the Project on March 15, 2019, including recommended mitigation measures.

Texas LNG is a mid-scale LNG export facility located on the north shore of the deepwater channel. The facility will occupy about a third of the 625 acres under lease from the Port of Brownsville. The liquefaction facility will consist of two liquefaction trains, each with a capacity of 2 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa). “Texas LNG is committed to reducing its environmental footprint while promoting a safe and sustainable addition to the community,” it said in its letter.

Texas LNG’s total capacity of 4 Mtpa, the smallest of any LNG export facility proposed for Brownsville, is less than 15% of the proposed capacity of an adjoining proposed LNG facility, and, if operating today, would be exporting less than 5% of current U.S. LNG export capacity.

Texas LNG will use electric motors to drive the refrigeration compressors, which will significantly reduce total air emissions. In addition, the Texas LNG project air emissions are a fraction of the expected emissions that would be produced from the two other LNG projects being proposed in Cameron County.

LNG from the project will be exported to global markets, and Texas LNG expects that some of its fee natural gas will be sourced from fields that are currently flaring and/or venting natural gas, thereby reducing these air emissions once the Texas LNG facility is in operation.

“In addition to these environmental benefits, the Project will be a crucial economic driver within the Rio Grande Valley region and boost economic opportunity for residents in Cameron County,” Texas LNG stated in its letter.

During the construction period of over three years, the facility will provide over 600 construction and support jobs. Once in operation, the facility is expected to create 80 permanent jobs plus 140 indirect and induced jobs in the community. The Texas LNG Project will be one of the largest taxpayers in Cameron County.

“Now that Texas has met all of the permitting requirements under the Natural Gas Act and FERC’s regulations, and in light of the substantial environmental and economic benefits that the Project will create for the surrounding community, region, and nation, Texas LNG respectfully requests that FERC issue an order approving the Project as soon as practical so that we may move the development of the Project forward.”

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8th October 2019