Japanese Industrial conglomerate Sojitz Corporation, European bulk liquid storage company, Rubis Terminal Infra SAS, and Spanish infrastructure investment company, Reganosa Asset Investments have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct a joint feasibility study for the development of a green hydrogen supply chain in Europe.

Reganosa is developing the H2Pole project, first-ever regional hydrogen-project labelled as “Strategic Industrial Project”will consist in a green-hydrogen production facility located in the Galicia, Northwest of Spain. Its initial phase operational in 2025, will target regional customers.

In a second stage, the H2Pole Project is looking forward to expanding its production to export green hydrogen or green hydrogen-carriers produced in Galicia to Northwest Europe (e.g. Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), where import demand is expected to surge in the coming years to reach 2050 net zero targets.

Spain has a high potential for solar and wind power electricity generation. Proof of this is that renewables represented last year 30 percent of the country’s energy mix. Galicia is therefore anticipated to be an ideal green-hydrogen production centre and is also strategically located to supply green-hydrogen to Northwest Europe.

The companies, with their respective business expertise and industry networks, will jointly collaborate to conduct feasibility studies in view of developing a green-hydrogen supply chain solution connecting Galicia with North-West Europe. With this second phase of the project, Sojitz, Reganosa and Rubis Terminal will contribute positively to the decarbonisation of the energy system.

For more information visit www.sojitz.com

3rd October 2022