Shell Offshore Carbon Storage NL has secured an exploration licence to investigate the feasibility of storing carbon dioxide in saline aquifers beneath the North Sea. These aquifers, layers of saltwater deep underground, hold potential as storage sites for CO2, offering an alternative to depleted gas fields for CO2 storage in the Netherlands.

Covering an expansive area of nearly 1500 km2 (579 mi2), the exploration licence encompasses the P&O Blocks, situated approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) off the Dutch coastline near the Maasvlakte. SOCS NL aims to assess the viability of CO2 storage in aquifers within the Dutch sector of the North Sea, with a focus on understanding the associated costs and advancing the Netherlands’ capabilities in this field.

Carbon Capture and Storage technology is integral to achieving national and European climate objectives. Saline aquifer storage of CO2 has been successfully implemented by Shell and other entities in various regions, including Canada, Australia, and Norway. Currently, the Netherlands is actively developing infrastructure for transporting captured CO2 through initiatives like Porthos, Aramis, and the Delta Rhine Corridor.

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13th May 2024