Stolt Tankers has officially relaunched its Slashed Zero health and safety programme with a renewed focus on sustainability.

Over the past five years, Slashed Zero has been very successful in helping to reduce accidents and incidents across the organisation. Through the programme, Stolt Tankers focuses on minimising onboard and onshore safety risks and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all employees. With the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, it also makes sense to include caring for our planet all under the one umbrella of the Slashed Zero programme.

Care for people

Stolt Tankers understands its people are its most important asset, and that every one of them should return home from work safely. With a focus on minimising operational risks, reducing personal injuries and supporting mental health and wellbeing of crews across their fleet, care for people has always been the foundation of Slashed Zero.

Care for the company

The programme has also provided increased care for the company with its aims of creating a safe and respectful place to work.

Care for the planet

The broadened focus of sustainability – symbolised by a new, green Slashed Zero logo – is a logical step; care for people and company implies care for the planet. Going from red to green we are steering from zero accidents and incidents towards zero harm.

“Slashed Zero is about behaviours. In the last five years, we have changed our behaviours at work and slashed the number of incidents and accidents significantly. We can use this newfound confidence and knowledge to protect our planet.” Ajay Furtado, global manager SSHEQ

The increased situational awareness that has been created, for example, not only reduces the likelihood of an accident that causes a personal injury, but also minimises any potential spills.

Pride of Stolt Tankers

“With its increased scope, Slashed Zero will help us to substantially reduce harm to our planet.” Continues Ajay. “As we have always done with Slashed Zero, we will be calling upon our employees to make an active contribution to the revitalised programme.

“Together, we will strive to reduce, re-use, recycle and repair, to make good, environmentally sound decisions daily and to increase our situational awareness of sustainable matters. We are looking forwards to the continued success of the Slashed Zero programme as it ventures into new territory and to sharing news of its achievements in the future.”

With a series of tools, seminars and trainings, and the creation of new sustainability focused teams, Stolt Tankers will support employees as it works towards its environmental goal of reducing its carbon intensity by 50 percent (relative to 2008) by 2030.

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23rd May 2023