10.11.15. Strong growth in Antwerp and Ceyhan (Turkey) boosted Rubis Terminal’s third quarter storage revenues.

Antwerp and Ceyhan revenues were up 32 percent, driven by continuing steep growth in Turkey (+104 percent) and a fair increase in Antwerp (+10 percent).

However, these revenues are no longer consolidated in the group accounts, and outside these two bases the picture was less impressive.

In France, revenue from all products combined fell slightly by 2 percent. Petroleum product revenues, which account for nearly 80 percent of total revenue, were up 1.5 percent; but fertiliser revenues were down over the quarter. Combined chemicals, heavy oil and edible oil revenues were down 14 percent, with the progressive marketing of expired chemicals contracts and the final effects of a structural decline in edible oil (biofuels).

Rotterdam revenues were down 6 percent, although marketing of a new contract on heavy fuel oil capacity began early in the period, helping to offset the delay accumulated in the first half of this year. Chemical product revenues were stable. Trading revenue totalled €42 million (+5%), with no significant impact on results.

10th November 2015