Verkhnechonskneftegaz, which is an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Co’s oil and gas production complex, has pumped 2.5 billion m3 of associated petroleum gas (APG) into an underground gas storage facility in East Siberia, Russia, since the start of its rational use programme.

As part of the project, a gas compressor station with a capacity of more than 1 billion m3/yr, a 41 km gas injection pipeline, and six gas injection wells for APG injection were built at the Verkhnechonskoye field. The storage area is 330 km2, or about a quarter of the total area of the field.

The gas storage facility was commissioned in 2019. The development of the company’s gas business follows the global trend for using cleaner gas fuel. The implementation of the APG Management Improvement Programme reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the environmental situation in the producing regions.

The APG storage injection technology was implemented for the first time in Eastern Siberia at the Verkhnechonskoye oil and gas condensate field. This technology’s unique feature is the accumulation of associated gas in a temporary underground storage facility for subsequent rational use, rather than for maintaining reservoir pressure.

The technology has brought the level of APG utilisation at the Verkhnechonskoye oil and gas condensate field to 97 percent, which is one of the highest rates in the industry.

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15th March 2021