Renewable Energy Group, Inc, is investing US$31 million to upgrade its Danville, Illinois biodiesel refinery.


The most notable part of upgrade is the addition of biodiesel distillation capabilities to the 45million gallon capacity biorefinery. Other planned upgrades include pre-treat capacity improvements, along with storage and logistics.


“REG Danville already has a proven record of success as part of our network of multi-feedstock biorefineries,” said Daniel J Oh, president and CEO. “Enhancing the capabilities here, as we have done at several of our other plants, can allow REG to provide greater volumes of lower cost, lower carbon, higher quality advanced biofuel that increases energy security, food security and environmental benefits for North America.”


The distillation process removes impurities and leaves behind a pure form of biomass-based diesel that exceeds industry quality standards, while meeting REG’s more rigorous REG9000 specifications. The fuel also performs better in colder temperatures.


17th August 2015