Proton Ventures and LBC Tank Terminals have announced a strategic collaboration to establish a joint venture focused on developing ammonia terminal operations in Northwestern Europe and North America. This partnership brings together Proton Ventures’ expertise in the green ammonia value chain and LBC Tank Terminals’ extensive knowledge in safe and sustainable storage of liquid bulk products.

Proton Ventures, a renowned company in the engineering and project management field, brings its experience in managing large-scale ammonia terminal projects. From feasibility studies to EPC works, Proton Ventures is committed to driving the energy transition through innovative ammonia-based solutions. The collaboration with LBC Tank Terminals allows them to combine technical expertise with operational excellence, advancing the development of green ammonia facilities crucial for reducing global carbon emissions and optimising renewable energy use.

LBC Tank Terminals, with strategic terminal locations across major ports in Europe and the United States, is a leader in global tank storage operations. Their focus on safety, sustainability, service, and efficiency enables them to support emerging supply chains. By joining forces with Proton Ventures, they aim to make a positive impact and transform the industry to meet global energy needs.

This joint venture between Proton and LBC emphasises the increasing demand for sustainable storage solutions and highlights the significance of strategic collaborations in driving the energy transition. The integration of both companies’ core competencies and market positions will result in a unique proposition. The partners are targeting to establish the joint venture before summer 2024, further accelerating the development of ammonia terminal operations.

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13th May 2024