KBR has received a letter of award from Northern Petrochemical Corporation to provide the license and basic engineering design for the ammonia-methanol co-production technology developed jointly by KBR and Johnson Matthey (JM) for Northern Petrochemical’s new facility in Alberta, Canada.

“We are thrilled to provide our innovative ammonia-methanol co-production technology to Northern Petrochemicals for this project to produce value-added products from Alberta’s abundant natural gas reserves in an environmentally friendly manner,” said Doug Kelly, KBR president, technology. “KBR and JM have developed this co-production technology that minimises costs and risk by utilising reliable and well-proven sustainable processes while reducing CO2 emissions.”

“Northern Petrochemicals is pleased to utilise KBR and JM’s respective market-leading ammonia and methanol technologies,” said Geoff Bury, president & CEO, Northern Petrochemical Corporation. “This project will produce blue ammonia and methanol by utilising the latest carbon capture and storage technologies to achieve a carbon-neutral process.”

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23rd November 2021