Michael Derbyshire of Prax Petroleum Ltd and Graham Hipkin of Coryton Advanced Fuels Ltd have been appointed Chair and Vice Chair respectively, of the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Committee for a period of two years, The Tank Storage Association (TSA) has announced in an online statement. 

In the same statement, SHE Committee members expressed their gratitude to the outgoing Chair, Andy Dickinson, “for his leadership of the Committee over the past two years”.

Peter Davidson, TSA’s Executive Director, said: “I look forward to working together with Michael and Graham on the important issues ahead for our sector in the areas of safety, health and environment.” 

He added: “I have already enjoyed working with them both as members of the SHE Committee and we all share the same commitment and passion to provide excellent support to members in these important areas of operation. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Andy Dickinson for his leadership and dedication to the SHE Committee over the past two years.”

For more information visit www.tankstorage.org.uk

1st April 2020