One of the core values at ONGUARD is ‘Better Never Stops’. It said: “We’re constantly innovating to find ways to enhance our product and services. Which is why we’re excited to introduce the MkIV, an updated and refined OG PRO anchor.”

Developed in 2020 and still proudly made in New Zealand, the MkIV anchor is a natural evolution of previous anchors, now smaller and stronger. It’s made from the same materials, it’s just tweaked the design to provide better performance from them.

Coupled with this, throughout 2020 it pioneered ground-breaking research that has plugged some of the holes in international design codes to remove some of their inherent uncertainties and enable it to specify even more efficient and highly accurate designs.

The MkIV system provides significant value for our clients and a higher level of performance. Being smaller and stronger means fewer anchors are needed. 

ONGUARD’s New Zealand general manager, Derek Liddington said: “We can accurately match our anchors with the required tank performance, making our new tank restraint designs super-efficient and more economical to protect our clients and their products.”

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2nd June 2021