A new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal worth €40 million is set to be built in Slovakia.

According to the state-owned Verejné Prístavy public ports company, construction of the terminal is expected to start in 2022 and be complete by 2026.

It will be built in the port of Bratislava as part of the EU plan to build the Rhine-Danube transport corridor.

This corridor will provide an east-west link by connecting roads, railways and inland waterways across continental Europe and make freight transport greener by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants.

Set to span across 5,500 square metres, the terminal will provide facilities for the bunkering of future vessels and the production of LNG, as well as for the refuelling of heavy road vehicles.

Currently, no LNG-fuelled ships operate on the Danube.

During the public consultation environmental groups have expressed concern that as the terminal is planned to be built relatively close to a densely populated area of the capital, it would increase traffic and reduce air quality due to the trucks that would use the port’s planned LNG fuelling truck station.

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6th May 2021