Wanner International Limited has launched its new Hydra-Cell® Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solution that offers the lowest cost of lifting a barrel of fluid, “reducing costs in oil and gas production, generating huge savings over the lifetime of a well”.

The seal-free, no packing API 674 system is suitable for mainstream oil and gas production. It does not require a workover rig, pulling unit or slick line unit for servicing or well production optimisation.

Wanner said its unique design of a seal-less, no packing Hydra-Cell Surface Power Fluid Pump “enables 25+ year life and dramatically reduces servicing and maintenance costs compared to plunger pumps, and greatly lowers energy costs compared to multistage centrifugal pumps”.

It said: “The lifetime costs of this new artificial lift solution are lower than any other hydraulic artificial lift methods:

  • Energy saving – when combined with the 90 percent efficient Hydra-Cell seal-less surface pumps, jet pumps have the best overall total process efficiency, in barrel per day produced per horsepower consumed.


  • Maintenance and servicing saving – no workover rig needed – forward and reverse flow mode for easy retrieval of the jet pump for easy servicing and maintenance. The seal-less, packing-less design of the API 674 Hydra-Cell pump means no separate lubricators, or site services for lubricators, no seal flushing and no fine filtration needed.”


With production rates of 10 bpd to 10K bpd, typical applications of the Wanner Hydra-Cell Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solution include: conventional oil and gas production, high volume frac fluid unloading, gas well dewatering, well tests, and wells with bad casing. As well as standard production, the solution maximises production from a range of well types, including deviated or horizontal wells, or those with damage casing.

Paul Davis, managing director of Wanner International, said: “The Wanner Hydra-Cell Jet Pump Hydraulic Artificial Lift Solution can be installed at a significantly lower cost over the lifetime of the well. There are no downhole movable parts and the surface high pressure power fluid injection units can be operated by natural gas, diesel or electric powered drivers.”

For more information visit www.wanner-hydraulic-lift.com

3rd February 2021