Proton Ventures and its consortium partners Société Chérifienne de Matériel Industriel et Ferroviaire (SCIF) and Engineering &Group IPS are awarded a turnkey contract by Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP Group) to design and build two refrigerated ammonia storage tanks in the Industrial Complex Jorf Lasfar in Morocco.

The project, which kicked off early November will be finalised in the third quarter of 2024. This project will enable OCP Group to increase their production in order to meet the higher demand.

The scope of works includes the design, procurement, construction and start-up of an anhydrous ammonia storage, refrigeration and transfer system to the new fertiliser production units at OCP Jorf Lasfar chemical complex, Morocco.

Installed in Jorf Lasfar, this world reference unit by its size and its innovative configuration will make it possible to prepare larger industrial projects, by capitalising on the knowledge and know-how generated during the exploitation phase which will start in the first quarter of 2024.

“It has been an honour to be selected for a new storage project at Jorf Lasfar. Proton Ventures Ammonia storage track record and capabilities in combination with an efficient collaboration with our partners SCIF and EMPI are prerequisites for a successful project” according to Paul Baan CEO Proton Ventures

“The awarding of this important contract is the result of the efforts deployed by our partners during the bidding and negotiations phases. The high-quality of our offer enable us to obtain the trust of our client” according to Ali Alami SCIF General Manager.

“The successful awarding of this project is the result of a joint endeavour of EMPI, SCIF and Proton Venture Team. This project is an important step to increase the cooperation with OCP in Africa. Though this project, Group IPS is willing to extend the cooperation with SCIF and Proton Venture worldwide.” according to EMPI

OCP Group is one of the largest phosphate and fertiliser companies in the world.

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22nd December 2022