Exolum, the Spanish terminal company, is set to build a photovoltaic (PV) solar plant to power operations at its pumping facility in Mora, Spain.

Ingenia Solar Energy will be responsible for the design and construction of the photovoltaic plant, as well as its operation and maintenance. Exolum’s strategy is to build a plant that will reduce CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2025 and to become a zero-emissions company by 2050. 

The plant is expected to be operational from 2022. It will cost €2.5 million, with an installed capacity of 4,213.44 kW and cover an area of 50,000 m3. The plant will operate under a “self-consumption supply without surplus” principle. 

Exolum said the renewable energy from the plant will account for 27 percent of the total energy consumed by the pumping facility and will prevent the release of around 854 tonnes of CO2 annually. 

For more information visit www.exolum.com

9th June 2021