Koole Tankstorage Minerals (KTM), a key player in the Port of Rotterdam’s 24/7 logistical chain, has become the first within the Koole group to benefit from Systems Navigator’s Dropboard advanced technology. 

The terminal selected Systems Navigator as the technology partner for the delivery of an advanced planning & scheduling platform (Dropboard). Dropboard provides detailed insight into terminal operations, as well as optimization of jetty utilization by unlocking machine learning technology to its users.

Smart Scheduling technology empowers the planner to select optimal arrival slots. It is continuous, it learns, develops and improves over time, delivering expert knowledge at your fingertips. Dropboard provides opportunities to reduce berth occupancy along with ship waiting time. The platform is developed specifically for the maritime industry for an optimal user experience.

According to Sanneke van der Kley, Terminal Manager KTM at Koole Terminals: “We are confident that we have found a suitable supplier to assist us in the optimisation of our terminal logistics which will enable efficient performance and bring our business to the next level.”

“We are very happy to work again with Juriaan Steenland and with Sanneke van der Kley after a successful implementation of Dropboard’s pilot project. We hope to continue to grow our business relation,” commented Joost Smits, Systems Navigator Commercial Manager.

For more information visit www.systemsnavigator.com

16th May 2019