25.04.16. Investigators are looking into a serious fire and tank collapse at Jurong Aromatics Corporation (JAC) plant on Jurong Island Singapore.
An employee was hospitalised following the blaze.
The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) battled the fire for five hours. SCDF said that the fire at 23 Tembusu Road involved light crude oil.
Traders in China surveyed by Genscape said that the light crude oil was likely to be naphtha. JAC’s plant is designed to use either condensate or naphtha as a feedstock, but had reconfigured to using naphtha some time ago, based on Genscape data.
The cause of the blaze as well as the damage caused now has to be determined. The JAC plant has been offline since December 2014, mainly due to unfavourable economic conditions including the fall in oil prices, and regional overcapacity in aromatics production.

25th April 2016