Tanks are designed and built in different variations for the safe storage of a range of products. The storage tank inspections will guarantee the safety, reliability and integrity of storage tanks, while providing more efficient operations.

Intero Integrity Services’ storage tank inspections can inspect storage tanks containing high and low flashpoint products such as lube oil, silicone, glycol, water, acetone, benzene, naphtha, methanol, jet fuel, gasoline among others.

Tank Explorer provides inspection according to the API 653 standards and EEMUA 159 – or customised to customers’ needs. The safe autonomous tank bottom explorer uses UT sensors to detect any variation in thickness of the bottom plate and can differentiate between product and soil side corrosion. 

Intero has skilled personnel, a global reach and the best available equipment to ensure a high quality inspection solution customers can trust. They have inspected over 1,000 storage tanks successfully since 1997. 

Intero Integrity’s advanced robotic inspection solution has been recognised by the SPRINT Robotics collaborative as a preferred standard solution to be considered for the majority of storage tanks all over the world.

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8th June 2021