Brannen Butts PE, vice president and principal at Pond & Company, said: “Crestwood’s recovery from March 2020 has been impressive. 

“This looks like a solid deal for all those involved. I could be wrong but this feels like a decision fuelled by the announcement last month that they’d be repurchasing shares. All in all it shows all parties are looking down the road towards energy sector recovery in the mid and long term.”

The deal Butts is referring to is Kinder Morgan’s purchase of Stagecoach Gas Services for $1.23 billion. Stagecoach is a natural gas pipeline and storage joint venture between Consolidated Edison Inc and Crestwood Equity Partners LP.

The deal, expected to close in the third quarter, will give Kinder access to Stagecoach’s four natural gas storage facilities and three pipelines serving the northeast market.

Stagecoach has 185 miles of natural gas pipelines with multiple interconnects to major interstate natural gas pipelines, including Kinder Morgan’s unit Tennessee Gas Pipeline.

Kinder Morgan said it expects the deal to be immediately accretive to its shareholders.

“Acquiring Stagecoach will enhance our service to customers in this part of the country,” said KMI’s president of Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines Kimberly S Watson. 

“These natural gas pipeline and storage facilities help connect natural gas supply sources and Northeast demand areas. Natural gas has long been responsible for providing heat and hot water to homes and businesses in the Northeast, and it now has an increasingly vital role as a reliable, low emissions partner backing up growing renewable power generation. We look forward to integrating these facilities into our suite of existing assets in the region.”

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2nd June 2021