The International Liquid Terminals Association, has lauded the U.S. Congress for extending authorisation of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards programme. 

“ILTA applauds Congress for extending—on the day it was set to expire—this important security program, which regulates critical chemical facilities to guard against terrorist attack,” said Kathryn.

The Senate unanimously approved the measure January 17 and the House unanimously approved it January 18.

“This 15-month extension gives us the opportunity to make necessary changes to the program, while continuing to ensure the security of facilities that store the highest-risk chemicals,” she said.

“For the past decade, ILTA has been the leading voice encouraging the Department of Homeland Security to correct the treatment of gasoline and other fuel blends under the CFATS program.  ILTA looks forward to working with Congress and DHS to ensure that fuel blends are treated on par with similar materials under CFATS implementation.” 

“We urge President Trump to sign this important reauthorisation legislation as soon as possible.”

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18th January 2019