HYTORC, the oldest and most recognised manufacturer of industrial bolting systems in the world, now provides key industries with a credible answer to reduce their troublesome fugitive emissions.

HYTORC offers environmental solutions that increase the safety, reliability, and efficiency of systems, preventing methane leaks that rob the efficiency of the emission-reduction systems.

Plants are assembled with up to 100,000 or more flanges, making the potential for leakage a major point of vulnerability. HYTORC, with more than 50 years of experience, is the ideal company to secure systems with precise, secure, evenly tightened bolts plus the real-time monitoring and data reporting that helps ensure systems are working at optimal performance.

Methane is a primary concern in emissions, and leak detection and repair are major industry concerns. HYTORC is helping to reduce those leaks in every region around the world. The company’s state-of-the-art techniques seal leaks more quickly with calibrated tools while preventing future leaks with improved flange alignment, bolt load control and uniform sealing. Specifically:

· HYTORC washer systems and HYTORC hydraulic wrenches utilise the effectiveness of parallel joint closure, tightening bolts four or more at a time, spaced evenly around a flange for uniform pattern tightness. The hands-free torquing is precisely calibrated, even, simultaneous, preventing leaks.

· HYTORC reaction washer systems create a truer axial alignment in bolts, reducing side load and scatter.

· The HYTORC J-Washer, a Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award-winner during the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference in August 2021, is ideal for use in applications with dynamic loads and high vibrations where bolt loosening is a concern. The J-Washer provides unmatched technology for anti-loosening, safety, and efficiency.

· The HYTORC Nut provides a uniform seal in critical sealing applications. The reusable fastener delivers accurate bolt loads with no side-load.

· HYTORC also provides digitalisation for managing and tracking bolting through its series of monitoring and data-reporting apps. The apps enable wireless data exchange between tool and PC or tablet using Bluetooth Wireless Technology®. Enter bolting parameters on the PC and transfer them to the tool to speed the setup of bolting operations. The app manages all detailed bolting results on the PC where the documentation can be organised, reviewed and saved.

Simply put, HYTORC addresses and reduces leaks in emission systems with the same technological expertise that it ensures more efficient, reliable, and safe extraction systems for oil and gas companies.

For more information visit www.hytorc.com

11th November 2021