Australian agribusiness GrainCorp has opened a liquid terminal storage at Port Kembla, New South Wales.  The A$20 million storage tanks will hold imported lubricant for blending with oils.


GrainCorp managing director Mark Palmquist said the facility marked a major diversification from the company’s traditional bulk grain handling in eastern Australia.


“We’ve got lubricant products, and we can store other chemicals and caustics that would be used in the dairy industry, for example,” he said. “In the liquid terminals business, we also handle tallow and edible oils. It’s not just a just a different industry, it’s also diversified products which helps offset volatility in different markets.”


The lubricant chemical is imported from refineries in Singapore and India.


The silos at Port Kembla will hold 13,000 cbm of chemicals.


4th March 2015