Gpi has completed construction of an on-site demineralised water tank for USG Geleen (The Netherlands). The tank has a capacity of 7,300 cbm and has been designed to EN 14015, the European norm for flat-bottomed tanks.

The new buffer tank will provide demineralised water for the various companies at Chemelot for the coming years.

The project comprises a flat-bottomed tank with a sump. And that sump alone has a volume of over 8,000 litres. The tank also has a conical roof built to the EN 14015 standard that has a vertex of 158 degrees, a diameter of nearly 23 metres, is strong enough to walk on and takes the overall height to over 20 metres. That gives a gross volume of approximately 7,600 cbm and a net volume of about 7,300 cbm.

Both stainless steel 304 and duplex steel LDX2101 were used for the tank. The lower part of the body is of LDX2101, which is stronger than SS304 and allows a thinner structure while retaining the structural strength. The tank floor, top and upper part of the body are made of SS304.

Working together with Emerson Process Management and Bilfinger Industrial Services, Gpi has provided a complete blanketing system for the tank along with the associated safety valves. In addition, Gpi has provided the intake and spare valves.

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11th October 2018

11th October 2018