In July Engicon (Geldof) started working with ETA in the Netherlands, where it has been entrusted with the complete renovation and refurbishment of three tanks.

The tank bottom of two of the tanks will be completely replaced and equipped with an annular ring, while the third one will be refurbished with patchplates.

The scope also covers a range of other maintenance activities, including the installation of a stainless steel rain rim, as well as new internal piping on all three tanks. Also both spiral staircases, as the tank roof of these tanks will be equipped with raised railings.

Geldof said the collaboration between its team and the client’s project manager and construction supervisor “is key to the success of this project”.

It added: “Not only is it important for both sides to communicate openly regarding suggestions for improvement, but even more so regarding safety matters, as the co-ordination between ourselves and different contractors on site is crucial for safety.”

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5th November 2020