Germany-based FireDos, which develops and manufactures high-quality proportioners and monitors for fire-fighting, has released an online statement to highlight the advantages of its latest model GEN III fire proportioner. 

It said the fact that it’s purely mechanical means it’s reliable – operation doesn’t require an electrical or emergency power supply. It added that the proportioning rate is always constant and independent of the water flow rate or pressure, allowing optimum automatic adjustment to varying firefighting scenarios.

Testing the proportioning rate without premix or foam production is both environmentally safe and cost-efficient, saving on foam and disposal costs, it said, and added that the working principles of the FireDos purely mechanical model GEN III proportioners are as follows:

  The extinguishing water drives the water motor.

– The water motor, via a coupling, drives the proportioning pump. This pumps foam agent (all foam concentrate types, including also highly viscous and fluorine-free) and into the extinguishing water line.

– The ball valve enables switching between the injection of the foam agent into the extinguishing water flow or return to the foam tank. Returning the foam agent to the tank is for testing the proportioning rate. No premix or foam is generated, and no foam agent is used.

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9th April 2020