Dover Fueling Solutions, (which is part of Dover Corporation) said it is pleased to launch its next generation console, the ProGauge MagLink LX 4.

Dover Corporation delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management.

The brand-new tank gauge console supersedes the previous MagLink LX model and features several impressive upgrades and enhancements, including the introduction of state-of-the-art ‘touch and swipe’ technology, resulting in a truly immersive and interactive experience for the user.

Coupled with enhanced graphics, including realistic three-dimensional storage tank renders that give an accurate visualisation of the fuel stored in underground tanks, this intelligent technology enables fuel retailers to effortlessly glide between screens, zoom in and activate buttons to easily view all tank data instantly.

All of this, as well as a brighter screen and a faster processor, makes the MagLink LX 4 the most advanced tank gauge console on the market today, said Dover.

It added that the MagLink LX 4 console also integrates “seamlessly” with many products and services from within its portfolio, including wetstock applications such as the Fairbanks expert monitoring service and the new DMP magnetostrictive probe, which combine to give site owners a complete fuel management solution for their network. It said: “The superior graphical display gives an instant visualisation of all fuel inventory on site, enabling fuel retailers to quickly make informed decisions over their wetstock.”

Fergus Heading, business development snr manager, ATG Business Unit, said: “The team has been working very hard over the past 12 months to ensure this latest generation console exceeds expectations for our customers, and I can confidently say we have achieved just that.

“The drill-down elements on the MagLink LX4, as well as the clear iconography, make it very simple for users to easily locate the exact information they need as fast as possible and also ensures the gauge is a universal and accessible solution for customers across the world, as we stride towards achieving our vision of being the leading global provider of enhanced technologies, services and solutions in the fuel retail and convenience sectors.”

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30th November 2020