SBM Offshore and Imodco have shared that the Imodco Ammonia CALM Terminal has been awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) by DNV.

Part of the SBM Offshore Group, and based on more than 65 years of offshore Terminal expertise, Imodco’s new Ammonia CALM Terminal is an adaptation of existing market-leading CALM technology that meets the new requirements of ammonia.

Green Ammonia is an exciting solution within the new energy mix, but one which also poses challenges of storage and transportability.

The use of Imodco’s well proven architecture of Single Point Mooring terminals will offer both infrastructure, cost and time saving solutions for Green Ammonia production sites based in remote locations that require export terminals for the safe loading of Ammonia carrier vessels in open seas.

SBM Offshore says it is committed to playing a key role in supporting the energy transition by both investing in renewable energy solutions and innovating to develop cleaner forms of hydrocarbon-based energy.

By developing the Imodco Ammonia CALM Terminal, SBM Offshore and Imodco say they aspire to make a significant contribution towards making net zero a safe and affordable reality.

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28th September 2022