CST continues to develop modernised ordering and production methods that deliver new efficiencies and rapid project completion.

CST’s product portfolio continues to expand with its Vulcan™ by CST, a pre-engineered, pre-configured flat panel bolted storage tank line. Backed by industry leading technology and experience, the Vulcan by CST SelectCoat™ and DuraCoat™ epoxy coated “fast tanks” are available in capacities of 15 cbm to 3,000 cbm and are specifically designed to be the perfect storage solution for the municipal water, wastewater and fire protection markets.

Like CST’s other bolted options, the tanks are built from the ground up to allow for safer construction. SelectCoat and DuraCoat are factory coated in environmentally controlled conditions for quality and durability. DuraCoat is designed to EuroCode and is manufactured in an ISO certified facility

The new product line offers locally based storage solutions to Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East andAfrica. They are constructed and put into operation faster than any other liquid storage system and are currently available with trough decks and low profile roof options and accessories.

The new Vulcan by CST SelectCoat and DuraCoat epoxy coated tanks are a modern advancement and an unequaled choice for pre-configured storage tanks.  For customers that require custom designed applications, CST provides its premium epoxy coated storage solution, the industry leading TecTank™, built to customers exact specifications and available in flat panel, chime panel or factory welded designs. Specialising in aboveground liquid and dry storage tanks, silos and dome roofs, CST is known as the industry leader serving no less than 15 markets worldwide.

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17th January 2019

18th January 2019