The CLH Group has invested in improving safety and sustainability of their activities by investing over €22m in Research and Development projects over the past three years.

These projects will also allow them to improve the safety and sustainability of their activities.

In order to optimise their activities and processes, CLH Group will continue to implement the “Lean” methodology. This system aims to enhance the quality of processes and improve time and cost efficiency by identifying those tasks which could be made more efficient. The company has already carried out 12 projects in relation with this methodology.

Furthermore, CLH Group has renovated its Pipeline Control Centre, launching a new version of SCADA, a powerful computer program which allows the company to manage their pipeline network via satellite. This new version is more streamlined, has a greater storage capacity, provides a significant improvement in the management of pipelines and can be adapted to the company’s new requirements.

Another initiative that CLH Group has recently implemented has been to adapt its activities in installations in order to develop a segregated storage model, with the aim of expanding their service offer to meet the demands of the market. This model allows them to store bulk liquids that can’t be entered into the undifferentiated system due to their specific characteristics.

CLH Group has also launched an initiative to digitalise their installations, allowing them to optimise their resources, improve operational safety and enhance efficiency. The company will continue to work in this vein in order to meet their objective of digitalising all of their installations by 2020.

In terms of maintenance, CLH Group has designed a new system for asset management, which will allow for personalised maintenance of the company’s assets and enhance their policies for renovation and replacement of said assets in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

This new system examines all the company’s assets and allows them to determine predictive models so they can establish plans to optimise the maintenance of all equipment and prioritise the most important investments.

The company has also initiated ten projects called “quick wins”. These initiatives came about due to proposals by individuals from various different work centres within CLH Group, and their aim is to improve safety and the use of resources, as well as to optimise efficiency of the company’s resources.

Furthermore, the Certification Agency for Innovation in Spain (ACIE) granted CLH with the Research and Development Certificate for their design and development of a new method for analysing the integrity of pipelines, which allows for the detection and evaluation of potential damage to pipes which are subjected to pressure fluctuations and, as such, the development of said damage can be determined and the according preventive measures can be established.

CLH Group has also maintained an active presence within Spanish and international work groups in relation to fuel quality, providing their expertise and knowledge, such as the AENOR AEN/CTN051 fuel group and the CEN WG 21 “Specification for unleaded petrol” and WG 24 “Specification for diesel fuel” committees. The company also has a presence in the international organisations of the aviation sector, such as IATA and JIG (Joint Inspection Group).

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28th August 2018

28th August 2018