Spain’s CLH has acquired the GPSS (Government Pipeline and Storage System), the largest oil distribution network in the United Kingdom for £82 million, after winning the sale process organised by the British government.


The GPSS logistics infrastructure comprises a pipeline network of 2,000 km, which represents 50 percent of the total in the UK, and 16 storage facilities, with more than 1 million cbm of capacity.


The network is currently implementing a major infrastructure modernisation programme aimed at making it safer and more efficient, which CLH has committed to continue.


CLH’s bid took into account the favourable estimates for growth in demand for aviation fuel at the airports currently supplied by the distribution network and the commercial growth opportunities, as well as the broad experience of the network’s current management team.


In the ministerial statement announcing CLH as the buyer of the GPSS, the UK Ministry of Defence highlighted that CLH would bring experience of operating and maintaining a similar network across Spain, serving both civil and military customers.


25th March 2015