Libya’s National Oil Corp. (NOC) has today confirmed the loss of two storage tanks at Ras Lanuf port terminal. It has declared force majeure on all crude oil loadings from its Ras Lanuf and Es Sidra port terminals.

NOC said an armed assault by militia on the Oil Crescent was responsible for the loss of tanks 2 and 12. It said the militia was led by Ibrahim Jadhran and call again for the immediate withdrawal of him and his gangs from the port.

The attack resulted in a 400,000 barrel reduction of crude oil storage capacity (from 950,000 barrels to 550,000 barrels). Prior to the attack, Ras Lanuf operated five crude oil storage tanks. The destruction of tank 2 is in danger of leaking and spreading the blaze to reservoirs 1, 6 and 3.

Thankfully all NOC employees were evacuated but NOC confirms that one employee was shot during the incursion. The NOC Board wish him a speedy recovery. A number of other employees were robbed by a number of African armed mercenaries fighting alongside the Jadhran militia.

NOC also calls for the cessation of military operations and the provision of support and assistance to fire-fighting teams trying to reach the tanks still ablaze. “This incident will result in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in construction costs, and billions in lost sales opportunities,” said NOC. “Rebuilding the tanks may take years, especially in current security circumstances. NOC applauds the heroes whom risking their lives to save the livelihood of the Libyan people.”

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19th June 2018


19th June 2018