Aeromon Oy, a prominent Finnish company specializing in mobile emission monitoring, has secured a EUR 2 million loan from Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank. This financial boost will facilitate the expansion of Aeromon’s emission monitoring-as-a-service business across Europe.

Nefco, known as the Nordic Green Bank, is a leading institution in sustainable financing, providing support to companies that prioritize environmental responsibility. The partnership between Nefco and Aeromon strengthens the mutual commitment to building a greener future.

“We are delighted to support Aeromon’s scale-up in Europe. Aeromon’s service assists companies in transitioning to low-carbon operations and achieving their sustainability objectives. The accurate measurement data provided by Aeromon enables its clients to take action based on the findings and receive guidance for enhanced environmental management. This expansion is timely, considering the forthcoming EU methane regulation, which serves as a significant market driver,” explains Vivi Avikainen, Investment Manager at Nefco.

The support received from Nefco represents a crucial milestone for Aeromon, as it empowers the company to broaden its services and contribute to the oil and gas industry’s endeavors to mitigate airborne emissions and combat climate change on a larger scale. Maria Kuosa, CEO of Aeromon Oy, acknowledges the significance of Nefco’s assistance in enabling the expansion of their operations and reinforcing their dedication to environmental sustainability.

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6th February 2024